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If you are an exchange student in Budapest, you can decide what type of football would like to play during your stay.


The BEAC is a 121-year-old football team which take a part in the foundation of the Hungarian Football Federation. Nowadays the club got a brand new artificial grass field, so if you want to join the tranings you can enjoy the activity in the best university soccer field in Budapest. You can join two teams, and the teams have two traning a week. Preparatory tournaments, friendly matches, championship, friends and the most popular sport in the world. Do not hesitate, join us!


Tuesday and thursday 19.00-20.30

ELTE-BEAC Pluhár István Soccer field – artificial grass

Mérnök street 35., Budapest 1119

Contact: Gergely Kovács – [email protected]


You are an addict of small sided football? The BEAC hold the best options for you. If you don’t want to stop playing this sport during your stay, try the tranings in the artificial grass (five-a-side football) and indoor (futsal) too and play a lot of matches during the tranings. Begginers and experienced players are also welcome in the teams,where tranings are lead by professional coaches.


Tuesday 16.00-17.00

ELTE-BEAC Pluhár István Soccer field – artificial grass – Mérnök street 35., Budapest 1119

Friday 18.30-20.00

Tüske Sports Hall Hall – indoor – Entrance toward: 10/b Bogdanfy street, Budapest, 1117

Contact: Tamás Árendás – [email protected]


Gather your team from the exchange students and join to the biggest university tournament in Budapest. Try your student team in the university champioship which starts at the middle of March. Which one is the best Erasmus university team in Budapest?

Beautiful football pitch in the heart of Budapest



  • futsal rules and 5-size ball
  • brand new football fields
  • minimum 6 players need to apply
  • minimum guaranteed 7 matches during the season
  • online tables and schedule
  • 8 teams
  • referee during the matches
Application Fee: 50.000 HUF / team / championship

Contact: [email protected]